Children's Questions & Answers

Ever noticed how curious children are? Have you noticed how much do they ask, and seriously, how many of their questions leave you with a mouth gaped open and raised eyebrows, simply because you don’t have an answer? We’re all born curious and according to Dr. Bruce Perry…





Global Civics


Global civics is an important and new concept.

Global civics suggests to understand civics in a global sense as a social contract between the world citizens in the age of interdependence and interaction. It has been developed by Dr. Hakan Altinay, a World Fellow at Yale, a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and a global ethics fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.
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Empower Her

Empower Her is a cross-generational project introduced by Taghyeer Organization that aims at empowering teenage girls our of our belief in teenage girls’ abilities in solving challenges.





Scientists & Social Initiatives

What does science have to do with serving the community?

A lot!

Having scientists solve the challenges of the community can provide a fresh eye. Away from the theories that people in humanities know very well (which could hinder one’s imagination in solving problems) and backed up with the scientific approach that is engraved in a scientist’s mind, they can come up with innovative solutions to problems that the our society faces.



Labeeb's Friends

Labeeb's Friends program from the Partnership for Children organization enhances emotional intelligence development in children. Taghyeer organization is introducing this program in Jordanian school.