Global Civics Workshop in Amman, Jordan

GCWorkshopTaghyeer organization has held a training workshop titled Global Civics that aimed at developing a university curriculum with a group of scientists inside and outside Jordan that would be taught in universities across the Arab world. The workshop took place in the period 12-14 of August, 2014 in Taghyeer’s offices in Amman, Jordan.

The workshop was attended by the following scientists:

  1. Jordan / Dr. Fadwa Odeh /The University of Jordan
  2. Palestine / Dr. Khalid Kanan / Al-Quds University
  3. Egypt / Dr. Amal Amin Ibrahim Shendi / National Research Center
  4. Tunisia / Dr. Layla Ben Ayed / National Institute of Agronomy
  5. Morocco / Dr. Latifa Bilali / Cadi Ayyad University
  6. Sudan / Dr. Sara Ibrahim A.lafif / Ahfad University For Women