Scientists & Social Initiatives

What does science have to do with serving the community?
A lot!
It is been often stated that it is only people in humanities who are there to help the humanity. But what about those who work in scientific fields? We know that they help the humanity through discoveries and inventions, but can’t they do so by actually helping people, directly?
Having scientists solve the challenges of the community can provide a fresh eye. Away from the theories that people in humanities know very well (which could hinder one’s imagination in solving problems) and backed up with the scientific approach that is engraved in a scientist’s mind, they can come up with innovative solutions to problems that the our society faces.
Taghyeer Organization has launched a competition to provide a chance for scientists in Jordan to come up with innovative projects that enhance awareness of love, forgiveness and celebrating differences.
Three winners were chosen and each was awarded $1000. The winners were announced in a ceremony held in Mango Auditorium in University of Jordan and was attended by scientists and social entrepreneurs. 

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One of the winning projects by Rawan Ejeilat, an assistant professor at the Hashemite University’s pharmacology faculty, seeks to hold workshops for students at universities and schools to educate them on issues that may cause discrimination, such as religious or ethnic backgrounds.

Another winning project by Odeh Al Jayyousi, professor at Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II School of International Studies at the University of Jordan, seeks to develop a discourse at mosques on the sustainability of water and energy resources.

The third winning project by Najlaa Fleih, an assistant professor at Jadara University’s law faculty, aims to organise young people in groups and train them on the use of social media tools in promoting tolerance and coexistence.